Гарантии независимости и неприкосновенности присяжных заседателей

Автор: Котеля Е.Г.

Guarantees of independence and inviolability of the jury are the essential part of their criminal-procedural status. The scope of the guarantees of independence and inviolability and the procedure of their realization is an important means of the rights protection, liberties and interests of the citizens engaged in the performance of justice. It is due to the fact that the attitude of the citizens engaged in the performance of justice to the accomplished activity depends On how they are protected by the state. Together with this some aspects of the study of such guarantees reflected in the article lead to the conclusion that nowadays this question hasn't been regulated completely at the level of legislation. The author raises the problem of the declarative nature of numerous legal regulations which are attempted to regulate this element of the criminal-procedural status of the jury.

Опубликовано: Российский юридический журнал. 2008. № 3. С. 96-100.

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